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During the past couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of fashion/lifestyle projects. Here are a few samples from some recent shoots:

Early snowfall

Julia is a Miami-based commercial/editorial fashion model originally from Vermont. She contacted me to work together for an editorial/lifestyle project. We used the Woodstock Inn for a location on Halloween and took advantage of an early snowfall for inspiration.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Britten for the Warren Store

This image of Britten, who competed in the Miss Vermont USA pageant and was second runner-up, is from one of my first fashion/model portfolio shoots. We did this shoot for the Warren Store and afterwards took a few snapshots for her portfolio. The folks at the Pitcher Inn kindly allowed us use of the grounds.

This is from one of my first shoots with a professional make-up artist. She needed images to show her work to a modeling agency, and gave me a reason to take the ferry across the lake to Plattsburgh.

I don’t just shoot pretty girls. Jason is a former Ford model, and this example is from a test shoot we did to update his portfolio while he finished his degree at UVM. Once you work with a professional model, you’ll never want to shoot with amateur wannabees again.

Sandra for Bill Schrlau

This was done in New Haven, CT at the invitation of an upscale hair stylist. Our model, Sandra, then a graduate student in Yale’s MFA Technical Design and Production program, collaborated with me after having her hair colored – and she looks great in green; trust me!

This is just some girl at the farmer’s market in Montpelier who caught my eye for her sense of fashion . The bike magically appeared and I put one and one together and got three.  Sometimes you get lucky, but as we say on the golf course “you make your luck with practice.”

Golden Hour

Looks can be deceiving. This is my friend Jen, but that’s not her car, and we’re not at a country club …. believe it or not, this was done in the parking lot of a funeral parlor!

La Beba

Everybody likes to look good and feel good. About once a month I host a photo-shoot to try out different concepts and lighting techniques with a group of photographer friends. We arrange test shoots with MUAs and hairstylists, and use aspiring models for our subjects.

Yajaira is a part-time model with a sense of flair and attitude. She stopped by the studio to test for some commercial work. Can you say ‘Hired!’?

For a few months there used to be a costume shop on Langdon Street in Montpelier. When I saw this cheerleader outfit, I knew I had to try it – I mean, photograph it. I bought the pom poms, added Sharell’s natural talent (her first shoot in a studio), and presto! I’ve made a small fortune off this image.

Nice ass

Please don’t say it … I know it’s a donkey. While shooting a “town & country” themed project at a horse farm in Connecticut, I needed someone to hold the reins for a second.

This from one of my first model portfolio fashion shoots. Kara hired me to update her book and we shot a number of looks. Photographed in Portland, ME we used the artsy downtown area near the old port district as our location.

Blue Steel

I didn’t get a chance to do much skiing this day, but the client was happy with how this image turned out.

Sun Flare

Believe it or not, I did this on purpose … another example of using props and improvising; although I knew exactly when the sun would be in position, and I was waiting for it.

The little city of Montpelier, VT puts on a little fashion show (how ironic) during the summer, and a couple of years ago the stars were aligned just so, and I was at the right place at the right time. This dress was made by a high school student, who went off to study fashion in Paris; not bad, eh?

The thing about winter in Vermont is that it lasts forever. I went to New Hampshire for this project and a change of pace. The outfit came from a local ski-wear shop and I brought along the skates which I picked up at a thrift shop for a couple of bucks.

Before you know it, summer is over and it’s autumn again. For this bridal portrait we found a wonderful location at Shelburne Farms overlooking Lake Champlain. I have a different version where she’s smiling, just in case you’re wondering!

Laurel for Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket is a brand of motorcycle apparel and I did this in the lobby of a huge indoor motocross facility near Hartford, CT.

Willow for Sportive

The beautiful thing about having nice friends is more often than not they’ll pose for you when they find out they’ll model expensive clothes. This is a ‘I forget how much’ leather jacket from Bogner modeled by a friend of mind.

Brooke for Downtown Threads

The above image is the result of a fun collaborative project I did for a clothing boutique in Burlington, Vt.  For some reason the ideas we tried just didn’t work out and dissappointed we arted walking back to the store when suddenly I saw it. There was a moment last glimmer of sunlight before sundown that illuminated the scene and done. A few frames and we knew we had it!


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  1. amyappel says:

    Great website Francis! Love all the photos:)

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