Pop’s Poor Man’s Omelet

When his wife sleeps in late, Dad is famous for his two-egg omelet. “The trick to cooking an omelet is the preparation,” he says.

“The eggs need to be whisked carefully, but first I put the frying pan on low heat. After I’ve partially mixed the eggs I add about 1/2 a cup of milk – I just pour it in –  and continue whisking until the milk is incorporated into the egg.”

“Then I raise the temperature to medium and pour the the egg mixture into the pan and cover. At that point I start the English muffin in the toaster and begin to dice the cheese and ham, layering them so that when cut they turnout already mixed.”

“When the eggs begin to become semi-solid I pour in the cheese & ham … but since we’re out of ham we’ll have to substitute with turkey. If the eggs become solid it’s too late, but don’t add the cheese too soon either. Not too soon and not too late. Keep covered until the very end.”

“Once the cheese is melted and the eggs appear cooked then slide the omelet onto the dish, refill the coffee, and serve with toasted English Muffin and enjoy!” Just add salt & pepper to taste.

Pop's Poor Man's Omelet


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